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  • The Prodigal Pastor comes Home

    This month we met the pastor of a Baptist church. He had given land for the church and the church was going well for 6 years. But, then, he started drinking whisky and local beer (waragi).

  • One Woman with Two Husbands

    We were witnessing door to door when we met a woman who was married to two men. After listening to the gospel of the Lord she decided to commit her ultimate life to the Lord. She is doing great in her new Christian walk.

  • Children Share JESUS Film with Parents

    It happened when we were at Maswa village that we showed the JESUS Film for Children to children in that area.  They were so touched by the film that they even cried.  They were so moved that the next day they went home to invite their parents to the next showing.  They told the parents vividly about how Jesus was persecuted and underwent some pains because of us, and many parents came to watch the film that day. - Samuel Masha, Associate Team Leader  

  • Muslim Burns His Old Ways

    We thank God for saving and healing his people especially during our ministry. During the film show at the invitation call, we witnessed many people coming forward to receive Jesus Christ. Among them was a middle aged man who was a Muslim and practiced healing using Quran.

  • College Revivals

    It seems there is revival in colleges, because during June and July I received four requests from Christian organizations, three of them being University Christian Students Organizations wanting to work with our teams in our southern area for at least a week witnessing and evangelizing house to house and through open air gospel rallies including our Jesus Film shows. These organizations have shown preference to our ministry rather to other organizations. This proves our being accepted by...

  • A Young Girl Tortured for Her Faith and a Woman Delivered

    A young girl received Jesus Christ during the film show.  She went home and told her parents what God had done for her and said, “From today I am a born again girl.  Jesus is my Savior and I will never leave him.”  Her father be- came angry and took a long stick and beat the girl.  It was night time.  The next morning the father woke up with his mouth bent to the left and said that these Cinema people are witches.  He went to hospital for treatment.  Pra...

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